Security first in the ERS Connect call centre

  • Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Security first in the ERS Connect call centre

The ERS Connect call centre team have an unwavering focus on all elements of information security and patient confidentiality. Each agent caller, supported by our experienced and professional Team Leaders, is committed to delivering high standards of service, call quality and confidentiality.

Our secure Chronos system provides the agents with only the most basic and limited view of details that are required to deliver our services, and access to detailed and sensitive patient information is never shared. The team safeguard those details and anything that is discussed with the upmost sensitivity. Any notes and information that is relayed to the hospital can be safely added to Chronos and accessed by hospital staff at the Trust side, so that any additional actions can be carried out.

Chronos and our processes are built with confidentiality at its very core; we are regularly audited and successfully maintain our ISO accreditation 27001:2013 - Information Security, along with N3 Code of Conduct and a wealth of other industry standard and compliance regulation standards.

We are extremely proud to achieve and continually maintain these standard, for example, ISO27001:13, deals with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information; areas considered include security policy, asset management and incident management. Many companies work towards achieving this standard however, ERS Connect is one of the select group which have not only achieved this, but re-certified with zero major and only one minor non-conformity which was actioned on the day.

We are driven in delivering secure and confidential services, not only in our duty to protect patient information but to maintain business relationships and our reputation. In our daily activities we are fully aware of our legal requirement to protect all personal and customer information that we possess as highlighted in the Data Protection Act 1998.

As part of our focus on security all team members complete mandatory Information Governance training and assessment, and we regularly communicate focus areas during shifts and via our online agent forum to maintain that level of knowledge and understating.

Patient confidentiality is job number one in the ERS Contact Centre. Starting a call with a commitment to confidentially carries through and brings quality to all aspects of the call, and allows us to deliver excellence in patient experience on each and every call.