Post Discharge Services

After undergoing treatment it is essential that patients receive ongoing support following discharge to ensure they continue on the path to recovery. A simple phone call following patient discharge has been proven to reduce re-admission rates by up to 23%.

ERS Connect’s post discharge services are designed specifically to monitor your patient’s progress by contacting them on a regular basis. Our follow
up calls provide an opportunity to address or escalate any patient feedback needing attention which
could be a trigger for re-admissions, while leaving patients more satisfied and more likely to recommend your hospital for treatment.

The hospital getting in touch to ensure there have been no complications or to explain new care regimens shows the hospital still cares for their welfare after they have left hospital and gives patients reassurance.

  • Keep patients well informed and supported throughout with our fully managed service
  • Reduce the risk of re-admission by monitoring patient progress
  • Allows problems to be rectified and escalated quickly reducing re-admissions
  • Improve patient access to care
  • Add a personal touch to care leading to an improved patient experience
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  • Reducing re-admissions
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