ERS Connect provides pre-admission services designed to reduce on the day cancellation rates by contacting patients prior to their procedure with a series of tailored questions.

Our highly skilled agents contact patients to confirm their admission details and check whether they are still attending. For patients who need to cancel or rearrange, the hospital is alerted to ensure the slot can be reutilised. If the patient confirms they will attend, our agent will ask a series of questions targeted at some of the common reasons why procedures have to be cancelled on the day of the admission.

Typically we might check if the patient has received their fasting instructions or check if their health or medication has changed since their pre-operative assessment. By running through these checks, our agents can flag any cause for concern to the hospital and offer further reassurance to the patient.

  • Reduce your DNA rates
  • Maximise slot utilisation, reducing waiting lists
  • Improve cash releasing efficiency savings
  • Improve patient access to care
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Keep patients well informed and supported throughout
  • Ensure patients arrive fully prepared
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  • Supporting patients
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